Maria Warnes

My 8 Essential Personal Productivity Tools

Alfred (Mac) – Free version, £35 pro version

Think of Alfred like a super-powered Spotlight. Alfred speeds up searching and browsing and has a large library of community built add-ons called ‘workflows’ to help you with all sorts of tasks.

AppCleaner (Mac) – Free

When you delete an app on your Mac there can still be files left over taking up space. By removing an app with AppCleaner it will find all of those files and get rid of them for you at the same time.

CCleaner (PC) – Free version, £19.95 pro version

Like AppCleaner, CCleaner can detect left over files. But CCleaner has the advantage of being able to delete other files taking up space on your PC. These files include temporary, unused and deleted files.

Flexiglass (Mac) – 15 day free trial, then $9.99

One of the features I like about Windows is the window snapping. Flexiglass gives you a powerful and customisable way to replicate this on your Mac.

F.lux (Mac & PC) – Free

Spending a lot of time looking at a screen can mess with your natural sleep rhythm. As the sun goes down F.lux can gradually fade the blue colours from your screen giving your eyes less strain.

TextExpander (Mac & PC) – 30 day free trial, then $4.16/m

With TextExpander you can set up shortcuts for words or phrases that you type frequently to save you time. I use this mostly for expanding email addresses and urls that I tend to type out a lot.

Bartender (Mac) – 30 day free trial, then £11.15

If you do decide to use these apps, your Mac’s menu bar might end up looking a bit busy. Bartender will tidy away any icons that you don’t want to see or put them in a pop out menu that you can order any way you want to.

Ninite (PC) – Free version, $1/m pro version per machine

When you start using a new PC there’s probably a few apps that you install every time. With Ninite you can check off what apps you want to install and you can do them all in one go without having to search around for them.